Trailer #2: DoeBaLiZaTioN QUITO

Stephon Barbour AKA: Johns Doe Main (twitter: @johnsdoemain) visits Quito, Ecuador, in a ten-part DoeBaLiZaTioN series on hip-hop from the center of the Earth.

Coming to in 2015.




With his signature gritty cinematography, Stephon Barbour focuses on all the elements of hip hop by returning the culture to its origins of social commentary. Along the way, Stephon has shed light on issues orbiting hip hop, politics, and the world from behind the lens.
Barbour, of Louisville, Kentucky, began his career as a break dancer and rapper, but as the culture expanded he fell in love with hip hop’s journalism. Aspiring to interview, direct, produce, and write new programming for a new generation of viewers and listeners, Barbour committed himself to digital storytelling.
With a wide-ranging diverse resume that includes interviews with superstar rappers Lil Wayne and Rick Ross to former Underground Weatherman Bill Ayers and Honduras President Manuel Zelaya, Barbour has traveled around the world filming on social issues while compiling footage for his documentary on global hip hop, “Doebalization”.

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