India vs Pakistan: Inside The Biggest Sports Match You Never Heard Of

Even though the 2015 Cricket World Cup is just now moving into the quarter-finals, it has already served as a stage to the biggest sporting event in history: to wit, the India vs Pakistan match played at South Australia’s Adelaide Oval.

Most Westerners assume the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup are the world’s biggest sports fixtures. Yet the last India vs Pakistan Cricket World Cup game, played in 2011, was watched by an estimated 988 million people. The audience figure eclipsed that of both the 2012 London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final (figures for the 2014 Final have not yet been released). Continue reading

Burning questions for the 2014/15 NBA season

The new NBA season has just begun and there are still so many questions to be answered. Will the Cavs gel right away? Do the Spurs have the motivation and legs to repeat? How many ill advised threes will Josh Smith take?
To answer some of the other, more pressing questions, ImportantCool has assembled it’s resident basketball crew, all fans with varying degrees of knowledge and one-eyedness. We have Kenny Laurie, a sports journalist of over half a decade’s experience and NBA junkie, John McCabe, a Boston Celtic fan of requisite dislikability who helped turn Kenny on to the NBA, and Stephon Barbour, our resident basketball fanatic from Kentucky.

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ImportantCool’s Ultimate Blacktop Team (And Assorted Drinking Games)

Photo by Austin Gerassimos Mackell

NBA 2K Blacktop mode might just become your favored drinking game.

With the release of NBA 2K15 just around the corner (7 October), it seems now is the time to offer the most informed opinion of who best to play with in NBA Blacktop mode. Some choices may seem obvious to you, and they are, but they have been hand-picked after months of trial and error with similarly brilliant players who, for whatever reason, just didn’t work out. While one could say having an all-time five this close to the new release is redundant, I say it just took the maximum amount of time to suss out who is the best. Continue reading