Rallying For Refugee Rights In Dallas

On January 29, 2017, I went to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to photograph the #RallyForRefugees, which was held to call for the release of people detained by airport officials due to one of President Donald Trump’s most recent executive orders. Below are a number of photos taken at the protest:

A demonstrator holds a sign in support of lawyers and refugees.

A woman holds up an “Not My President” sign as members of the crowd hold their cellphones up to take pictures.


A quote attributed to a former democratically elected leader of Iran, who was ousted from power in 1953 by a CIA and MI6 engineered coup.


Supporters show their support.


Individuals taking it upon themselves to keep a record of the demonstration.


A woman holds up a sign while standing at a newsstand.


Executive Director of the Dallas Fort Worth Chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations  Alia Salem speaks to the press as protesters make their way out.


A protester holds a sign reading #WeWelcomeRefugees.


“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”


A family of immigrants holding a sign.


A slogan affirming the dignity and universal rights of people from across our world.


Passengers move as they watch protesters in the terminal.



Alison Pointer is an filmmaker, illustrator and journalist working in Texas. She has covered the Barrett Brown sentencing and has filmed coverage on Michael Brown and Palestine. She's currently working on an documentary on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

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