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ImportantCool is an association controlled democratically by all its members. If your petition to join is accepted you will become one of the decision makers, with a permanent stake in the organization.

Coders/Web/Software-developers/Generalized Geeks

ImportantCool’s vision of changing the media is about more than just what stories we tell. It’s about creating a new methodology that puts the power of digital technology to work to make media more democratic and transparent. Central to that vision is the creation of a robust web-based platform that will allow our patrons to have a decisive say in what stories get funded, and new journalistic software tools that track the work done on each story, as well as gracefully and dynamically presenting the original research materials generated in its creation for inspection by the end consumer. Here’s a little more info about these ideas:

1) The Engine Room

The Engine Room will be a digital space where patrons and journalists meet to discuss the stories that will be funded. We’ve worked on its conceptual development for the past two years and now we are ready to build this platform. We’re looking to put together a team of web developers to create and maintain this platform. Our current head of web development is looking forward to collaborating with a team to construct this space that will allow patrons and journalists to engage in the entire timeline of a story, from pitching to publishing.

2) GoGonzo

GoGonzo will be an open-source application that will allow anyone to seamlessly organize and record the source materials and extended content for a story in real time, whether recording audio interviews or taking video of a newsworthy event. It will also allow the end consumer to go review and rate the quality of the research done, with these ratings made visible to the general public, rewarding journalists who do the leg work and punishing those who fudge it. We are looking to build a team of coders who will work with the the head of concept and strategy development to implement the values ImportantCool embodies through an intuitive app that will allow anyone to partake in a transparent journalistic process.

Our team of coders and programmers will redefine the terrain of media consumption and dissemination. If you are interested in being part of that please send a brief (no longer than 1 page) cover letter addressing the needs of the aforementioned projects along with examples of projects you have been part of. We are looking to add to this project a team of passionate people who want to reconstruct the world of media and journalism.

Organizers/Coordinators/Patron Liaison
As our online community is expanding, we hope to expand our coordination team for fundraising and patron liaising. Our democratic vision relies on a vibrant online community of patrons who care enough not just to donate money, but also to provide an essential democratic ballast, to keep our proverbial ship from rolling over when the hard wind blows


We are always looking for a fresh take on things, preferably one that straddles multiple formats. If you are a journalist with something to say, we would love to hear from you. We are not interested in journalistic one night stands, and therefore do not accept freelance submissions. Only contact us if you’re ready for a serious commitment.

If you’re interested in any of the roles described above, drop us a line on: [email protected]