Louisville Anti-Racist Action Report Back From #Charlottesville


ImportantCool.com associate Stephon Barbour interview with Louisville Anti-Racist Action. They discussed what happened in #Charlottesville, Three Percenters, KKK, Antifa, and more.

You can see the whole interview, as a series, starting here.

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#‎DoeBaLiZaTioN‬ ‪#‎Ecuador‬, Episode 2

#‎DoeBaLiZaTioN‬ ‪#‎Ecuador‬ takes an in-depth look at the Hip Hop scene in ‪#‎Ibarra‬, Ecuador. ImportantCool.com associate John’s Doe Main (twitter.com/johnsdoemain) spends time with the veteran hip hop crew, PitBull Mafia, a crew of MCs, B-Boys, and Graffiti Artists.

DoeBaLiZaTioN Ecuador Episode 2 from ImportantCool on Vimeo.

Million Man March Wrap Up

Stephon Barbour (AKA John Doe Main) attended the recent #MillionManMarch against racism and made the following video for ImportantCool featuring interviews with hip hop legends Afrika BamBaataaa, MC Jasiri X, Author Karreem Hayes, and Herb Williams from Banned Flag.

Artefacts (Full length interviews) to come