‘Egypt’s Darkest Day’ Remembered In London

Protesters recently gathered at Marble Arch in London, three years after the “worst single-day killing of protesters in modern history”. On August 14, 2013, security forces opened fire on a pro-democracy sit-in that lasted for six weeks, following a military coup that ousted Egypt’s first democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi. According to a report published by Human Rights Watch: “At first light on August 14, security forces using armored personnel carriers and snipers fired on the crowd with live ammunition shortly after playing a recorded announcement to clear the square through loudspeakers. Police provided no safe exit and fired on many who tried to escape”. Amnesty international described it as “Egypt’s darkest day”. Following the massacre, use of the Rabaa symbol, denoted by holding up four fingers, became widespread by pro-democracy supporters around the world as a symbol of defiance. Continue reading

Egypt’s Coup At Two Years

On July 3rd in 2013, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, then Egypt’s defense minister, declared the elected government of Mohamed Morsi deposed. The historically dominant Egyptian military was back in power. Egypt under Sisi has been characterized by severe repression and unrest.

ImportantCool takes a look at this coup two years later with a live discussion featuring Mohamed Elmasry, Noor Saleh, Somia Alawa, Ben Norton and hosted by ImportantCool’s Austin G Mackell.

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The Intergenerational Report On ‘House Of Cards’

Following the launch in Australia of Netflix, ImportantCool associates Kenny Laurie and Austin Gerassimos Mackell, and IC Padawan Jeff Hewitt, decided to release the findings of their intergenerational report on House of Cards, so-called because: (A) IT’S TAKEN NEARLY A GENERATION FOR US TO PRODUCE IT and (B) it includes a comparison with the first generation of House of Cards as a TV series: the BBC’s version beginning in 1990 starring Ian Richardson as Francis Urquhart – a character only superficially transformed into Kevin Spacey’s Frank (actually Francis, too) Underwood. Continue reading

Our Philosophy

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