An Uncensored View Of The Night Of The Turkish Coup

If you’ve seen coverage of Friday night’s coup attempt in Turkey, you’ll know that a faction of the country’s armed forces attempted to overthrow Turkey’s democratically elected government and that the coup plotters were defeated by popular will. But what happened in between? The press corps won’t show you much, because anything too dramatic will be censored out by editors so you don’t get offended.

Coups may be televised, but I promise you they’re not PG-rated.

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Intergenerational Report: The Mad Men Finale

After the runaway, viral success of The Intergenerational Report on House Of Cards, associate Austin Mackell asked co-writers Jeff Hewitt and Kenny Laurie whether they wanted to get the band back together and write about the Mad Men finale. Before they could even say, “You’re goddamn right we do – where’s the groupies?” Mackell was off and running, doing the writerly equivalent of getting to the rehearsal studio two hours early by committing his thoughts to paper before the final two episodes had even aired.

Each writer carried out their own investigations into the end of the Mad Men era (19 July 2007 – 17 May 2015), before reporting back to the group. True to ImportantCool methodology (which includes but is not limited to radical journalistic transparency), each writer’s complete findings are available to read as artefacts, the links for which are at the bottom of the page. Continue reading