The Chocolate Conspiracy

Andrew Clarkson makes marijuana chocolates. And that’s not the most unusual thing about him.

Andrew used to be my roommate in Oakland, California. He was, without a doubt, the most eccentric roommate I’ve ever had. Besides his chocolate business, Rawsome, he has some very interesting ideas about society. I first encountered them shortly after moving into the apartment when Andrew asked me “What do you think about the shape of the world?” I said, well, I think it’s kinda fucked up, not doing so well right now. And Andrew said, “No, I mean, what do you think about the shape of the world?”

Andrew’s question raises an interesting inquiry: in an age of fake news going viral, when even the most established pillars of the media world can’t be trusted, how do we know what we know? How do we separate fact from fiction in cases where we can’t actually observe the truth for ourselves? Why shouldn’t we believe in Pizzagate when it seems very likely that our nation’s establishment media are lying to us about the Russians on behalf of Hillary Clinton?

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The Riots Are Trump’s Fault—And There Will Be More Of Them

It’s easy for TV news to blame youth of color. But the fault lies squarely at the feet of a white-supremacist billionaire.

For photos of the peaceful protest that preceded Trump’s Albuquerque rally and the riot that followed it, check out this story’s attached Artefact.

For all the local and national media coverage of last week’s violence following a Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico—we even made the BBC—there’s been very little discussion of a critical point (perhaps the critical point): why did this happen?

The answer, though you wouldn’t know it from watching CNN, is that Trump is causing the riots. Continue reading

Murdered Shopper on Aisle Five

Albuquerque department store’s “loss prevention officers” enforce death penalty without trial for alleged shoplifter; store demands arrest of protesting priest

New Mexico is a state that, on paper, doesn’t have the death penalty. In practice, though, security guards can kill alleged shoplifters with impunity. No charges, no trial: on May 3, 2016, a department store’s “loss prevention officers” acted as judge, jury, and executioner.

K-Mart, a large chain of Wal-Mart-style stores that isn’t doing so good lately, has apparently claimed the right to murder anyone it chooses to, as long as they’re on its property. This month, the branch located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, about three hours north of the U.S./Mexico border, authorized its employees to murder a young man in cold blood.

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The Bahraini Government Is Illegally Holding Our Friend

Free Anna Day, her colleagues, and all political prisoners of the Bahraini regime!

Anna Day in San Francisco. Pic from Facebook.

Anna Day in San Francisco. Pic from Facebook.

Update 17/02/2016: Anna and her colleagues have been freed and returned to the United States. Anna’s family wishes to thank everyone who supported her and called for her freedom.

King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa had a Valentine’s Day present for American journalist Anna Day and three of her colleagues: jail.

Anna and her so-far unnamed colleagues were arrested yesterday and are currently being held by the dictatorial regime, famous for the brutal repression of 2011 Arab Spring protesters. They were reportedly in the country to cover the anniversary of the protests. According to al-Jazeera, the regime once again made use of its long-standing, police-state tactics to violently quell the protest and part of that repression was the arrest of four foreign journalists present at the demonstration.

Anna is no stranger to, or friend of, the Bahraini government. She’s traveled there several times, interviewing the regime’s torture victims and once even got into a public spat with Condoleezza Rice about US support for the murderous, psychotic king and his crooked team of fascist police. The king and the country’s various and widespread human rights abuses are well documented, and Reporters Without Borders ranks the country a God-awful 163 out of 173 for press freedoms. Continue reading

Who’s Coming North? – Migrants’ Journeys Through Mexico

Don’t miss the Artefact accompanying this piece: A Guided Art Tour of La 72

Ann Coulter thinks they’re more dangerous than ISIS. Donald Trump thinks Mexico is sending them north to hurt us. And Iowa Congressman Steve King thinks they have “calves the size of cantaloupes.”

But who are the actual people at the center of the firestorm? Who are these so-called “illegals” that have invaded the collective nightmares of America’s whitest suburbs?

I recently visited La 72 Hogar, a shelter on the southern border of Mexico that feeds, clothes, houses, and provides legal assistance to migrants crossing Mexico. Many of the folks that pass through La 72 plan to stay in Mexico. Many more plan to come to the United States, with or without papers.

I spoke with several of the migrants – all of whom had normal-sized calves – to find out what spurred them to leave their countries and what they hope to find at their final destination. Continue reading

This Picture’s Not Funny: French Far-Right Official Sparks Mob Violence Against Journalists

Where the hell are all the #jesuischarlies?

Following the attacks against the cartoonists and journalists at the Paris headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, the English-language media fell all over itself to show support for the magazine. The New York Times published a column describing the attack as “an assault on French identity.” The Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, the Daily BeastUSA Today, and many others all republished a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad to show their support for the magazine. Nearly 4 million people gathered in a giant Paris “unity rally” to condemn the attack. Charlie Hebdo and its anti-Muslim cartoons are still in the news four months later as the magazine was awarded the prestigious PEN Freedom of Speech award this year, despite strong objections from PEN members. Continue reading

Albuquerque Dispatches: Life In The Kill Zone

On Violence and Paranoia – Plus, a Cry for Help

Many of the claims in this article may seem incredible, particularly to readers unfamiliar with American police. We assure you, it’s all true. Click here to see the attached Artefact containing supporting documentation for each segment of this piece.


Now, you’re at a crime scene. You talk to the witnesses – glimpses of a man dressed all in black, fast on a bicycle. You think to yourself, it could have been worse. The attacker could have lit the match before he fled. Six months ago, three teenagers beat two homeless men to death for fun. They beat them with bricks until the bodies were unrecognizable. The teenagers bragged to the police that they were responsible for 50 other attacks before they were caught. Continue reading

Confronting The NSA On Camera

ImportantCool associate Andy Beale puts an NSA recruiter on camera and on the spot, prompting an aggressive response

l Z" speaks with IC associate Andy Beale at the University of New Mexico careers fair on 17 September, 2014, before accosting his colleague.

“Neal Z” speaks with IC associate Andy Beale at the University of New Mexico careers fair on 17 September, 2014, before accosting his colleague.

I had a rather intense encounter with the NSA the other day.

On Wednesday 17 September, I decided to pay a visit to a University of New Mexico careers fair to have a chat with the NSA representative in attendance. Two videos, shot from different angles and featured on The Intercept, show an NSA employee identified only by his name tag as “Neal Z” becoming increasingly angry at having some basic facts about what the NSA does pointed out to him. He proceeds to attempt to steal a phone being used to record him before angrily storming off to call security. Continue reading