Six Ways The Guardian Is Wrong About Ecuador, Again.

Last week The Guardian published a piece that wildly misrepresented the situation in Ecuador, offering a one-sided view of recent events. We’ve previously critiqued the paper’s coverage of Ecuador (check that out here) and regional broadcaster TeleSUR has already produced a video addressing some of the falsehoods from The Guardian‘s latest attempt. Their response focused on presenting footage of opposition violence at protests, which The Guardian had uncritically reported as peaceful. However, The Guardian’s report was so full of omissions and outright falsehoods that we felt a further list was in order to set the record straight. Continue reading

Day Of The Dead: From The Other Side


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Photo essay by Aliya Alwi. Article by Adriana Medina.

[Editor’s Note: While many celebrated  “Día de Muertos” by painting their faces and boozing it up in the aftermath of Halloween’s debauchery, the significance behind the tradition goes beyond the cultural appropriation we have witnessed in such cities as New York, London, and even Cairo. In some ways, it seemed like an excuse to continue the festivities from the night before. Yet, the tradition has long outlived its various appropriations throughout history and continues to be practiced as an indigenous ritual in Latin America where homage is paid to those who have passed away, whether by resurrecting their memory through dance as seen in Toronto, or from Quito’s cemeteries where families share their long-lost loved ones’ favorite dishes. Here we offer a more nuanced reflection on what “Day of the Dead” is with a photo essay by Aliya Alwi exploring the phenomenon in Quito along with a dispatch from Adriana Medina, who took part in the tradition in Toronto, away from Colombia, her home country.] Continue reading