The Bahraini Government Is Illegally Holding Our Friend

Free Anna Day, her colleagues, and all political prisoners of the Bahraini regime!

Anna Day in San Francisco. Pic from Facebook.

Anna Day in San Francisco. Pic from Facebook.

Update 17/02/2016: Anna and her colleagues have been freed and returned to the United States. Anna’s family wishes to thank everyone who supported her and called for her freedom.

King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa had a Valentine’s Day present for American journalist Anna Day and three of her colleagues: jail.

Anna and her so-far unnamed colleagues were arrested yesterday and are currently being held by the dictatorial regime, famous for the brutal repression of 2011 Arab Spring protesters. They were reportedly in the country to cover the anniversary of the protests. According to al-Jazeera, the regime once again made use of its long-standing, police-state tactics to violently quell the protest and part of that repression was the arrest of four foreign journalists present at the demonstration.

Anna is no stranger to, or friend of, the Bahraini government. She’s traveled there several times, interviewing the regime’s torture victims and once even got into a public spat with Condoleezza Rice about US support for the murderous, psychotic king and his crooked team of fascist police. The king and the country’s various and widespread human rights abuses are well documented, and Reporters Without Borders ranks the country a God-awful 163 out of 173 for press freedoms. Continue reading