Half Revolutions: Stalemate & Secession In Spain

The stalemate in Spanish politics has entered its second month and shows no sign of resolution. The 20 December 2015 general elections ended in a four-way stalemate, with no single party or likely coalition achieving a majority.

On 22 January, Spain’s king invited conservative (PP) leader Mariano Rajoy to form a government. However, Rajoy strategically declined the offer, as he had no realistic prospect of winning the parliamentary vote necessary to confirm his position as president.

The conservative PP was the highest-voted party, winning 123 seats in the 350-seat parliament. However, their right-wing fellow-travelers Ciudadanos (Citizens) won only 40 seats, leaving the likely coalition and favorite of Bloomberg short of the 176 seats necessary to form a majority government.
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#‎DoeBaLiZaTioN‬ ‪#‎Ecuador‬, Episode 2

#‎DoeBaLiZaTioN‬ ‪#‎Ecuador‬ takes an in-depth look at the Hip Hop scene in ‪#‎Ibarra‬, Ecuador. ImportantCool.com associate John’s Doe Main (twitter.com/johnsdoemain) spends time with the veteran hip hop crew, PitBull Mafia, a crew of MCs, B-Boys, and Graffiti Artists.

DoeBaLiZaTioN Ecuador Episode 2 from ImportantCool on Vimeo.