#FEESMUSTFALL: The Forgotten Plight Of International Students In South Africa’s Tuition Revolution

As many in South Africa, and beyond, attentively watched the vibrant students’ revolution unfold, an unaddressed, related matter caught my attention. Even as President Jacob Zuma bowed to students’ demands by scrapping a tuition increase for 2016, international students’ concerns remained a non-issue. Although the latter have not been loud enough – being a minority – the solution offered to end the crisis could have considered them.

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Million Man March Wrap Up

Stephon Barbour (AKA John Doe Main) attended the recent #MillionManMarch against racism and made the following video for ImportantCool featuring interviews with hip hop legends Afrika BamBaataaa, MC Jasiri X, Author Karreem Hayes, and Herb Williams from Banned Flag.

Artefacts (Full length interviews) to come