Designing The Revolution: Occupy Central With Visual Artist Kacey Wong

[Editor’s Note: “Designing the Revolution” is a multiple article series on the role of designers in social movements, uprisings, and revolutions. Whether engaged visual artists, intrepid graphic designers, or conceptual innovators redesigning quotidian living, though typically an unidentifiable melange, their role in visualizing, constructing, and remixing cultural production and social interaction has been crucial to the sustainability of the movements they are a part of. It is our hope that this series will offer insights and visions for you to engage with wherever you find yourself. Without further ado, we present to you our first installment in the series, an in-depth look at Hong Kong-based artist and utopian provocateur Kacey Wong.]

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Kayaks, Canoes And Cops: Blockading The World’s Largest Coal-Export Terminal

By Christian Tym, @christian_tym

On the morning of Friday 17 October, at Horseshoe Beach on the harbor of Newcastle, Australia, an extraordinary bunch had gathered. There were professional activists, dreadlocked nomads, curious locals, a handful of cops, and many well-off middle-aged folks concerned about the world they would bequeath to their grandchildren. Continue reading

Al Jazeera English Journalists Pass 300 Day Mark In Egyptian Prison

From Left: Mohamed Fahmy, Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed

From Left: Mohamed Fahmy, Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed

Today marks 300 days since Al Jazeera journalists Baher Mohammad, Peter Greste, and Mohammad Fahmy were taken into custody by the junta that has ruled Egypt since the coup in 2013. Each of those passing days has seen hope diminishing for a just and speedy resolution to this case, and as a result a shrinking of the already limited space within which press working in Egypt, both foreign and domestic, can operate. Continue reading